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Super Bomberman DDR
Combining favorite things with those of the wife~ After they started releasing the Super Bomberman R profiles, I couldn’t not do this!

For the record, this counts as my weekly render. Gonna spend the rest of the week working on a much, much longer term project with a good friend of mine!

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So, my new model (Lana!) got to a usable point far faster than I had expected. Unlike Retoree, I didn't have to model a lot of new geometry --- her clothing was fairly simple to create and her hair didn't take too long either.

So yeah, I'm not sure what's next~

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Photo Op
I was hoping to do a bit more with this render but... ended up being sick Tuesday and Wednesday and still have not fully recovered. At least Retoree seems happy~

Since I didn't get to 3D properly for 2 full days, I'll start working on my new project starting Monday. Once again, that means a lazy render while I get my new model to a usable point.

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Retoree's Room
She seems a bit surprised; must not have expected anyone to see the contents of her room, or more specifically, computer.

Retoree is no doubt my favorite girl in Show By Rock!! As for why it took this long to model her? Well... Cyan was fairly hard to model and Retoree's hair is (IMO) even harder. I rely on the mirror modifier quite a bit, so when I have to model two sides separately... and account for multiple layers of details...

Anyway, that was a fun render! Her room and all its furnishings were pretty easy to make. The tech on the shelves (and monitors and keyboard) is fairly simple in design, with just a few subdivisions / extrusions --- the bulk of the detail comes from emit and bump maps. I think the most complicated addition was the bear, which was simply modified from a previous bear model, then adding Irisu's bow.

I'll probably do another Retoree render next week, after that... I'm not too sure yet. I've got reference pics ready for another character --- but I've also had two friends make requests: one for another SB69 character, one for a much, much more complicated guy. ... I'll probably just do something lazy and bide my time.

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Super Bomberman R
Very quick render since I'm busy working on a new model. Be sure to check out my Twitter or Tumblr for mid-week updates!

That said... I've of course pre-ordered Super Bomberman R and the Nintendo Switch! Can't wait for some local play, but I'd be more than happy to play with some friends online!

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Not gonna say much... since I never do anyway. Just filling space since I don't have a real update this week.

WOO! Nebraskon is over. Well, that's not the good news. The convention itself was the good news --- and maybe the sleep after. Anyway... no new content really, just putting up a game project from class as a placeholder.

Check out my previous game design class project, a classic game (Bomberman) remake!

I call it... Bomberman! Original, huh?


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Tony Ianacone
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Just a 3D artist with an affinity for catgirls and bomberman.




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