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Clothing physics still is a massive pain. Despite my best efforts, I still needed to fix up quite a few things after running the simulation of Belle sitting down --- though, to be fair, he legs do slide through each other a bit, which would easily confuse any collision detection.

Anyway... made a few updates to my site so that searching by model is now a thing! Still need to work on a hierarchical display of models, but I wasted a lot of time already so...

Started watching season 2 of Show By Rock with my wife! I think I may finally start on a Retoree model! Cyan took 2 weeks to complete, so worst case is that --- meaning probably a lazy render in the mean time.

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Been (re-)watching Blood Blockade Battlefront with my wife. It's her first time seeing it in general, my first time seeing the dub. It's just as great if not better!

This model and render don't really do Sonic justice, I might just have to make another render of him some time down the line. (Doubt that I'll do particle fur, can't say for certain though~)

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Goodbye 2016
Much like 2016 itself, this render didn't quite come out as expected. I originally wanted to do a top-down, fisheye perspective but couldn't get things to come out right. As such, I ended up changing perspective and needing a background --- of which I ended up re-using a previous one, just changing the lighting and adding in some gimped up fireworks. (Please ignore the fact that some of the city is obviously in the blast range of the fireworks --- or don't, out with the old as they say~)

No fancy parties to go to, it looks like I'll be having a nice peaceful night watching anime, eating snacks, and drinking~ At 10:30 central, Omaha Live will be airing its New Year's episode --- and my wife and I will probably make a short appearance. They usually put their full episodes on youtube afterwards, so... even if you aren't in Nebraska you might get a chance to see me~

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Christmas 2016
Probably gonna be busy tomorrow so... I finished up this week's render early! Merry Christmas~

(This is kind of a re-render from last year, but I finally decided to take advantage of 3Ds greatest strengths --- re-using [and incrementally improving] assets. Check out last year's for comparison!)…">Want more?
Aether Room
Here's my 2nd render of Acerola! The background is one of the kid's rooms in the Aether facility she presides over. No improvements to her model yet, I just really wanted to make a scene that I could do a 360 panorama of.

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Not gonna say much... since I never do anyway. Just filling space since I don't have a real update this week.

WOO! Nebraskon is over. Well, that's not the good news. The convention itself was the good news --- and maybe the sleep after. Anyway... no new content really, just putting up a game project from class as a placeholder.

Check out my previous game design class project, a classic game (Bomberman) remake!

I call it... Bomberman! Original, huh?


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Tony Ianacone
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Just a 3D artist with an affinity for catgirls and bomberman.




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